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anemone crab


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procelain are basically the same as anenome, crabwise. Pasadena Tropical Fish has them for $10 each.


I have 2 and they are always out. And no, I don't have any anenomes.

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i have an anenome crab

cool buggah

does a dance when anyone comes near

hes all over my tank i see him every day

he mostly goes back and forth between hosting my fs and cabbage lthr

dont mess with pinchie

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The LFS near my house has them for $5. I thought it looked much nicer in comparison to the emerald crab, but I wanted to get something that will get rid of my algae first so I went with the Emerald. The guy at the store said that the Anem Crab usually just eats the stuff around the Anem itself or whatever it leaves (excretes?) -- is this true? They don't eat anything else?


Would it be okay to have an Anemone Crab AND an Emerald or is that too much? I also have about 5 or 6 hermits left... and a Peppermint Shrimp...

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I had one hitchhike in on a peice of live rock. Awesome little crab. Makes a cool ass clicking sound when he gets mad. I'd get one, yet you may not see him much. Mine hids a lot in the back

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The wife saw one in the LFS the a few weeks ago, so now I have one. She has been wanting me to get an Emerald since we have set our tank back up but our guy never has any. She likes the new guy better. He does the dance mentioned above and comes out to feast when I put brine in the tank. I almost had a harlequin shrimp until I explained to her that he was munching on a starfish leg in the tank. When she realized what he was eating she was turned off of him.

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