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Lionfish electrocuted, in new tank, or just full?


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I have a baby Volitan lionfish that is about 2-3 inches in length (excluding the fins). He currently lives in a 29 gallon fish tank and he will soon be upgraded to a 75 gallon.


Well, when I first got the lion, he was put into a quarantine tank and he ate everything. He would come up to the surface and I would hand feed him silversides and krill. His belly got enormous. However, I began to read that lions are frequently killed by overfeeding, so I did not feed him for a day, and his belly went back to normal size! Then, I noticed a few spots of ich on his fins and being in the quarantine tank, I treated him with Rid-Ich for 4 days. However, then the heater in the quarantine tank shattered (I am not sure how) and I lost a coral beauty in the tank from electrocution (The temperature remained the same). So, I put him into the 29 gallon that he was in quarantine for. He is still swimming around, but he will not eat and he would not eat yesterday in the quarantine tank even before the heater cracked.


I read that when a lionfish becomes satiated or full, he will not eat for at least 24 hours, but I am concerned for before I believe that he ate even when he was full. Did giving him time to digest just make him really full?


As of now, it has been about 36 hours since he last ate, but his belly is not sunken in yet.


Please Help!




He did not eat this morning again (now it is the 4th day that he has not eaten) and his fins that he "walks" with seem to shake occasionally.


He is still swimming around, his eyes are clear as well as his fins and he stomach is not sunken in. He appears alert and if it was the first time that I had seen him, I would say that he was very healthy.


I tried to feed him again just now using the clear airline tubing method with a silverside on the end - he just swam away and looked at me very funny.


Do you think that he is just not hungry or did the electrocution/all of a sudden new tank event traumatized him?

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