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how do i balance the flow in and out of my refugium?


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i have a maxi-jet 600 that will pump water from my main tank down to my refugium.....then a maxi-jet 1200 will return it....is this going to work like magic...or just be a total mess?....i will thank you for any wise advice.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

total mess!


ya only need to fill the ref, and have it overflow. 1 pump not 2, but you will need some sort of overflow.


ya basicly just flood the ref. and let gravity do the rest.

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hey! thanx a bunch!....my refugium will only be 5 gallons..that would have sucked!

do you suggest getting a siphon overflow box?...ive looked around and they seem too big....in the end this is for my 28g hqi nano-cube....thank you!

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i'd drill/have the aquarium drilled.


you could drill the glass close to the top and add a bulkhead. put a 90* fitting on the inside (open end up) to set the water level in the ref. and one on the outside(open end down)

raise the ref a few inches higher than the display and let it flow out the drain right into your display.


you could drill the bottom and add a bulkhead and standpipe to set the water level in the ref. mount the ref above the display and have it fall straight down into the display.


you could add an overflow box to either method (piece of acrylic siliconed in the corner, plastic box drilled to match the hole in your display etc.)


you could use a wier (hob overflow) but like ya said most are pretty big, and bound to fail eventually. :)


heres simple plans for a small overflow made of speciman containers and a u tube.


that being said, i wouldn't use one (have in the past) i'd drill the aquarium. :)

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