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Setting up a 5.5 gallon, need ideas


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Purchased the tank today. I have 2 whisper filters left over and 2 coralife mini 18 watt light fixtures left over from upgrades on my 10 gallon. I plan on modding an AC 70 for a fudge that will contain LR rubble and chaeto, and running a power head if needed as well. I will do 10% weekly water changes and will fill the tank with 5 or 6 pounds of LR. However, I need some assistance. I would like to know if a yellow goby will be ok? I forgot the name as well but their is a combo of a goby/shrimp that I am also considering.. Can someone tell me what they are called and if they would be ok in such a small tank. I would like to do the combo over the goby, but I also want to have a fire shrimp as well. Also, what depth does everyone use for their sand bed? FInally, can eggcrate be used over the top of the tank. I would like to use this to allow for an open tank top, while also giving me something to rest my lights on until I can upgrade. How does all of this sound?

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3 1/2" sounds way too deep to me.

I had a shallow sand bed in my 5.5 when it was set up, and still had issues with it.


The goby/shrimp combo sounds good to me, if they're small.

Fire shrimp might be too big.

Clown gobies can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

The lime stripe goby is another good one.


Your other ideas all sound good, sounds like you're on the right track.

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