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Bright red hard coral on a piece of rock


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Hi all,


I got a free piece of rubble with some chaeto and on it there is an inch tall piece of hard, bright red coral(>). It looks like the trunk of a tree and the top is broken off. Has "graining," or veining on it as in the grain of wood, etc. I am sorry there is no pic--does anyone have an idea? I have looked for pics like it and so far no luck. It is really bright red.





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an old gorgonia?



Thanks. The guy who sent it is guessing chili coral. It is broken off at the top--I have placed it in an overhang to shade it and it is hanging upside down like I read in these forums it should, but I only see tow things that look like they could be closed polyps. Anyone know if a broken chili coral (firmly anchored to its piece of rock) like this could survive?

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

does it look like this?




thats my chili, but its not doing so well. (had it a couple years now)

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