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pearly jawfish and shrimp


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Hi, i have a pistol shrimp in a 10 gallon, i was wondering if adding a pearly jawfish would be ok, since the shrimp burrows as well. There are no other fish in the tank. any help would be appreciated.


Also, i have a taam rio nano skimmer, i need some help if anybody has any advice. I set it up today and at first, the bubbles were reaching the top of the tube, but now they dont, only about half way, and no matter how i adjust the venture it doesnt help, any advice please.


Thank u, i didnt want to make 2 threads so excuse both questions together.

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Don't add a jawfish to a 10g. Too small, and the jaw will either be killed, kill the pistol, or stress itself to death with the pistol in there.


Prawn gobies are the only symbioses with pistol shrimp.

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i have a tiny red headed goby, would this apply to me too. i was going to add another randalli goby and randalli shrimp.

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What size tank janitor? If its bigger than 10g you'd probably be fine. My randall's goby is peaceful to my mandarin :)


The jawfish's burrowing would be disrupted by the pistol, and jawfish IMO need 30g to actually be happy.

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