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Biocube-never again!


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Got a 14gl Biocube this April 23 for my BD. After a couple days one of the fans started making a rattleing noise. I called the # on the box and talked to a couple of people there. The lady I talked to said they were having problems with the fans and I would get a replacement in the mail. I was also having trouble with the moonlights. Once I pluged the M/F connectors together, they wouldn't come apart. I talked to a guy there, a tech I think, who argued with me telling me I wasn't pulling hard enough to separate them. I tried everything, even sticking a thin blade knife between and prying, still wouldn't come apart. He wouldn't hear it though and instead of arguing further I blew it off.

Well, now both fans have quit working totally and the moonlights short and I have to turn and twist the connection to get them to work, but they flicker alot.

Tryed to call them several times here in the last couple days and all I get is a recording to leave a message but my calls have not been returned. No email address for the Biocube available. Can't use the lights now as they run too hot.

If you are planning on an all in one tank, avoid the Biocube. Cheap and junk.

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Yeah I have had this exact same problem with mine. The customer service is crap. My fan is making a rattling noise too, I tried emailing them but it says that it cant go threw and they didnt recieve my email. I tried to call and I get the answering machine. The fan is the only thing I have had problems with, but the moonlights are very hard to connect. I havent tried to unconnect them but I bet they are stuck.




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Yes, customer sevice is terrible. I finally got through today and the receptionist kept putting me on hold and I was forgotten. I tried at least 1/2 dozen times and noone would ever take my call. Fianally on the last call the receptionist told me she was on the line with an improtant customer and I would have to call back tomarrow to talk to a tech support. I give up.

If anyone is thinking about getting a biocube, don't expect any support once something goes wrong with it. You are stuck with what you get.

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