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Toadstool Leather


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I've had my toadstool for a month and this week it is bent over.


my water parameters are all good nothing is bothering it.

and help would be grateful.

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got a picture of the coral and a fts?


it could be adjusting to the light, flow issue, neighbor issue, chemical issue, temperature, parasite, illness, light direction, physical irritation, etc.


so we need more info to try and narrow down the possibilities and then from that come up with some suggestions on what you can do to change/correct it.

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there seems to be a little brown algae/jelly growing at the base. i'd clean that off first. now that may or may not be the reason it's tilted but it's something that type of sarco probably doesn't like. (actually, none like it but some species seem to tolerate it better than others)


can't really id it until it gets bigger/older though but again, that's generalized preferences rather than distinct speciation differences.


i'd check your alk levels and you might want to limit your food input a little more. it looks like you have some turf algae growing. not a direct affect on the sarco but an indicator of other issues in the future.


the tilt also doesn't seem to be detrimental or an obvious indicator of it being annoyed. it might be the weakening of the base noted above and the shift is to compensate(?).


it could also be "natural" as the head/cap grows, more mass causes the stem to deform/shift. usually it grows in relation to support the new mass but in our tanks, the pinching and shifting they undergo (far more frequent than in the wild) causes the stems/bases to be thinner and weaker than normal, like yours is currently. hth

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Your toadstool looks ok, it will move like that, as long as the polyps are extended thats a good sign. Whats trippy is when they do their molting thing and they get all glossy looking.

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My toadstool did that for a little over a month. It started getting really bad because it would lean against my hammer. It didnt look too good after a week leaning against the hammer, so I fragged it. Now i have 5 baby toadstools. my toadstool also had that brown algae film on the base, I tried cleaning it, but it didnt work, so I just left it.

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