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Newbie and a new Nano Cube 24g


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:D Can anyone offer any advice about everything to do with running a nano cube i've got a rough idea about some things but really do need help :unsure: . its ive left it running for a week now with 10kg of live rock and 9 kg of live sand. My live rock is flourishing with lots of growth and there is a brown algae growing on the surface of the sand.
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The brown algae is normal and expected. It's most likely a Diatom bloom and will go away.


Search on my name and you'll find a thread I started where I helped a friend set up his NC 24g a while back.


good luck and HAPPY REEFING!!


Allen :)

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Ok cheers but what do you think about adding a Hydor koralia 1 powerhead to it to improve the water flow as it doesnt lok like the standard pump and outlet move the water arround enough.

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