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Some new Pics from my 37 Cube


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Here are some new pics I took the other night.










And the left Side: (Couldn't get a good full shot just yet):




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when we move into our new house I am wanting to setup a 37 cube. Yours looks great, what kind of bulb and ballast is that? Care to share the details on your tank?

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Great tank. What Size Sump/fuge are you running. I was thinking about starting a 37 cube but not much of a sump would fit under the stand.

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I have a standard 10 gallon tank under the tank. These tanks will fit under the oceanic stands, you just have to take off the top of the stand to get it in there.


I think that it can be done with 150w's of metal halide but you get much more penetration with a 250. It really depends on what you want to keep

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