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Zoa pox question


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I think my big colony of Kamakazze zoas have got the pox. They started closing up and the few that did open are bright yellow (loosing color). I have been unable to find any nudis and thought at first it was because I had moved them and they didn't like being handled, but now I am starting to see white spots. After some research I think it is the pox. Two days ago I did a fresh water dip, today even fewer are open. After checking around I managed to find some Furan-2 to use tonight but now my main concern is -- will this stuff spread to my other zoas? or does it stay mainly confined to the colony it is attacking?


I guess I'm wondering if I need to dip every frag in the tank to head it off or take the wait and see approach.

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I think it CAN spread, but I don't know if it always does.


I would take the wait and see approach.


That's good that you got the Furan-2. I assume you know how to do the dip?

If not, there's info on it on zoaid.com.

Good luck, and post your results.

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I am fighting it right now too. I think its because i was running carbon and skimming alot lately that it happened. It started on one small colony but now has spread to a few other colonies but they are going away with the Furan-2 dips. When i do it i have been dipping all of them. Just to make sure. After two dips your supposed to do a 25% water change then same after the next two then let them rest. Right now mine is resting and i have seen them go away. And make sure they are in a higher flow area or even better if you can put them in a seperate tank that would be best and would isolate it and treatment.

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I only have the one tank so isolating is not an option and sad to say I see a few white dots on a different colony today. And here I thought my biggest problem was going to be avoiding another cycle since I changed out my crushed coral for a 4" sandbed two weeks ago. Ran tests yesterday and other than my calcium being a little low at 400 everything else is still stable at 0. So no worries there. Arrggg... I almost wish it had been a mini cycle instead.

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Oops, I dipped a small zebra turbo by accident. Soaked him a good 10 minutes before I found him. Will be interesting to see if he survives. Rinsed him and dumped back in the tank. Alive right now.


Dipped all but one colony in Furan2. The last colony also has mushrooms on it. I suppose if I must dip that rock I will but I will take the wait and see approach on it. All others got dunked whether they had spots or not. At the last minute I dunked my yellow polyps too. I had not read whether they were okay for dipping or not but I noticed some black gunk around the base of the polyps and figured better safe that sorry after all the trouble of pulling everything else. Anyone else try dipping yellows?

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I noticed tonight that most colonies with spots have cleared up :D but i think im gonna lose my eagle eyes....but its okay...not like they are hard to find haha. I also dipped everything even if it didn't have spots just to be safe....and now everything is looking good. Some stuff isn't opening but i think its just cause of stress. I will now give them a week to recover and watch them and then do another few dips either way to be safe. I dont have yellow polyps so i wouldn't know. Do you have pics of your main infected colony to see how bad it is?

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Do you have pics of your main infected colony to see how bad it is?


I didn't take photos before the dipping so most are really ticked off. Here is a picture of kamakazzes (the worst) with sunrays in front:



side view of the same:



second colony I noticed infected - small purples with dark green centers (they are dead center of the picture:



dipped RPEs too although kinda hard to tell if have spots or not:



and my huge colony of burnt orange with maroon skirts:



and lastly the few fire and ice on the mushroon rock - note they do have a couple of white spots dead center of photo - I think I'll just pluck them off the rock rather than trying to dip with the shrooms cause I really like the neon blue shroom.



I dipped others too but nothing fancy to see in the pictures. And the yellows are really not happy although they are open.


Did you dip for three days or four before giving a rest?

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I dipped two then rest (i wasn't home =p) then two then now they are resting and have been yesterday and today and i did a waterchange yesterday. I would still dip that colony as just plucking off infected ones doesn't really do anything it still spreads. Just cut the rock where your shrooms are then dip the zoanthids. Its easy. A hammer and screwdriver work good just be careful.

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Just cut the rock where your shrooms are then dip the zoanthids. Its easy. A hammer and screwdriver work good just be careful.


Oh no. I really don't want to have to pull this rock out. It is buried 4 inches in the sandbed and is not small. It was placed on the bottom before the sand went in. Even if I could pull it out getting it back in will be a nightmare. Isn't it suppose to be really bad to stir up a settled sandbed that deep? What will happen to all the spaghetti worms if they get buried deep when I rearrange? Just the idea of trying to locate all my buried snails makes me want to cry.

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Yeah that is true....slowly work it out =p try spreading the sand away from it a little at a time and let it settle till its low enough to pull the rock out. JMO because if it has some of those pox i would try getting it dipped to stop it before they start melting cause it spreads FAST. But it is in pretty deep. Maybe try fragging out like half of it and dipping the half with the pox if you can. :unsure:

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