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Baby pink snail?


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Ok so, I seem to have gotten a hitchiker on some chaeto or a frag... its a pink snail thats maybe 3 or 4mm... I couldn't get a very clear pic but this is what I got (its in the center, its shaped a bit like an astrea or a margarita snail from what I can tell)




While I've looked to see if it was a predatory snail, I haven't found anything pink... it seems a little like a sundial snail.....but its pink.. I'll still be watching my zoos of course... anybody know of a pink snail like this?

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Probably a Collinista. I've seen some with pink splotches, instead of the usual tannish/brownish ones, but not quite that vivid a pink. Still, looks more like a Collinista than a sundial to me. Is it very small?


Here's a pic of one of my Collinistas:




And here's one sitting on the side of a turbo, as a size reference:




There are some more good pics of them here:





And here's a sundial pic:




Note the cone-shaped operculum (separate bit of shell that some snails use to close off their opening while "resting.") No other snail has this--if they have opercula at all they tend to be flat discs. (Collinistas have no operculum that I can see.)


I love my Collinistas--so cute!



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