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Biocube 29


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Ok i was wonderin if i got the biocube 29 what kind of corals could i have with the stock lighting. and what kind of pumps should i upgrade to. I was thinking about getting the hydor flos aswell-input on whether or not to do so. I also live in Austin Texas, so do you think i would need a heater. I could probably upgrade the lighting to a MH in a couple of months aswell. what kind of cleaning crew would you guys reccomend that i get, Also what kind of filter media should i use? Should i drill a return in another chamber, if so which one. What would you guys reccomend to use for my salt mix? Can i get pics of others please



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If you're getting it now, and the halides in 2 months, just hold out until you get the halides before adding coral (or wait a couple months and just buy the setup with the halides already - research during those months).


It's going to take a month to cycle the tank, then add clean up crew and make it look nice again, add the fish. By then, you'd be almost to 2 months.


I like the hydor flo - if nothing else, it gives nice movement to the corals.


Clean up crew for me is nothing more than a mixture of snails. I don't like crabs of any sort for cleaning because of their clumsiness and propensity to kill snails.


Filtration can be done a number of ways, but skimmers are obviously a great addition. I also like to use sponge media (some dont). The key with it is to clean it often. And the best nutrient transport is a macroalgae fuge (easily modded into your the biocube chambers - small light and some chaetomorph).

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Great suggestions above....I just set up a BC29 after downsizing from a 55. I basically learned everything that I needed to about modding and setting up the BC29 from TealCobra's thread about his.


I would do a search on his username: TEALCOBRA and read through his thread.

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