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hitchiker coral id, Ok Now its getting weird. BIG UPDATE READ MY LAST POST!


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Hey folks so i got this piece of coral for free (its a dying pagoda coral which i probably wont end up saving) i noticed something on the under body of it. I have had this in my tank for 2 months now and its growing real slowly. I have no idea what it could be


Its about the size of my blastomussa welsi an d im wondering if that is what it is


also i have checked and it definately is a stony coral of some sort.



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Just a guess but hairy mushrooms? It is cool!


100% sure its stoney and its growing


im hoping rare and propagatable lol thanks i think its damn cool 2 and the pics di it no justice

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on a side note it was very shaded under the other corals skeleton since i have moved it under much more intense light (4 inches down under 250 hqi) it has opened up alot more

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there are 3 heads allready each about the size of a small merletti its very odd because its tenticles are not like merletti or welsi at all

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well that is friggin awsome they are very small and seam to have started head #4 if i can have a colony of plates real cool :D

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well that is friggin awsome they are very small and seam to have started head #4 if i can have a colony of plates real cool :D


I couldn't agree more! That would be exceptionally cool.


(But it's pretty cool, whatever it is.)


Keep us posted!

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hey thanks alot... they have a real cool colour to them like a green and almost burgendy stripe they real funny thing is i talked the lfs owner and he talked to his supplier neither of them has had a fungiid like it at all they saw the colours and said they have no idea where it came from. i can see i have some reading ahead they seam real happy and are growing well right now im just worried about when they drop off the rock what they will do i am going to make them their own frag basket with a bit of sand under egg crate so they will fall there i think

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def got the starts of a fungia colony.


I hope so I think every reefer has about the same predictable life cycle


1) I want a clown and an anemone

2) I think I might need more light

3) Ok I cant have an anemone in a 10 gallon I guess ill get corals

4) I think i need more light

5) fish are kinda boring

6) I think i need more light

7) oooohhhhh I think i want a clam

8) I need to upgrade my tank

9) well i might as well use my old light i better have 2 tanks

10) I wonder if anyone else would buy this coral

11) they will buy this coral

12) ok i know i have 2 tanks but if i set-up a prop tank it wont cost me $$$ it will make me $$$

13) ok well it wont make money but i can break even

14) ok i cant break even but its fun

15) I have accepted that I have a reef addiciton and i need help... wheres the 12 step program



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so c est ma how is your little fungiid doing these days is it still growing well?

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Well, I guess this can't be a hijack if you started it! :)


My recently uncovered plate-generating spot is still growing a new "baby." (You read far enough in my old thread to know that the one that detached last year was killed by my crab, right?) I tried to get some pics tonight, but wasn't very successful. I didn't want to reach in & move the rock, so I was trying to get a pic of something very tiny several inches into the tank, through a gorgonian, etc.


Here's what I mean--the baby plate is right in the center, facing right:




I just couldn't get the camera to focus well in telephoto (next photo), but you can make out the tentacles. The pinkish/purplish spot in the middle is its mouth. (I need to get rid of that algae! Just don't like messing around so close to the plate.):




Every once in a while it completely recedes and looks very skeletal to me. I don't understand how fungids do this!:




Sorry ya asked? :D Think I'll go add these to one of my coral forum threads on this guy...



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