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Jendub is cool


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Hey yo-


I just picked up some kickin micros and acan lords from Jendub. For the money -- NO ONE GIVES FRAGS like Jen.


It was shipped really well in a cooler--Fedex screwed up and I had to pick up the coral at 3PM at the Fedex hub--hassle---but the coral did fine. I will get some pics up after they chill.


I got like 9 or 10 heads of micros on my frag. My acan -- that I bought 3 heads of--had 5-6!!! And she also included 2 freebies!!!


Now, I am calling Fedex like a madman on Jen's behalf---cuz I want our shipping money back--Shipping was $55 and Fedex failed. I had to drive my car! Fedex is calling Jen over the next 3-5 days and will discuss the refund. I'ma gonna kick someone's ass at Fedex---IF I HAVE TO GET JEN'S ACCOUNT SHUT DOWN TO DO IT!! (just kidding Jen.. :))


I am sure the Fedex hassle will work out---I wish it wasn't there to taint what is a fantastic transaction!!

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The last thing I shipped to kombucha FedEx was the same way. He had to go pick it up from the terminal.....BURN!!!!

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I will I will!!!


I am gonna feed em tonight and will get them up tomorrow!! Jen had then under T5 and I have them under A SMALL STAR so I have them shaded right now.


I'm telling you though---9 heads on the micros!!!


She knew about my new saw and wanted to give me something to try it out on!!!

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Jenny didn't lose that number!!! :)


I was pleasantly surprised to awake to a SHIPPING REFUND from Jen this morning! Fedex takes their time in issuing statements---and as soon as it showed up----she gave me my monies back.


Aw Jen, If I was just 2000 miles closer, younger, not married and "attractive" to you---we would be all set! ;)


We could have registered for coral saws and bone cutters. :)

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