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Urchin Vs. Starfish

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i have a 30g bio cube thats been ste up for about 4-5 months now the current inhabits are:


fish/ inverts:

a pair of true percs

six line wrase

cleaner shrimp

and a cuc emerld crab (2) some hermits, and snails




and some star pollups


and now id like to add eighter a starfish or a sea urchin but cant decide on one or the other, or what specific one i want, i would like something the eats both algae and meaty foods, is appealing and some what hardy, im not a noob but i do have a life so i cant spend all my time on my tank but i do take care of it. thanks

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Personally I'm getting tired of my sea urchin eating my coralline, it's what he does when there is no algae to eat. I had this cool coralline growing in roses but one night boom it was gone, urchin ate it. I"m thinking about getting rid of him, he's cool looking but alway knocking frags over and such I'm tired of it. Can't be putting my hands in the tank every morning when my acros are knocked over. Get a starfish, some of them are very fast and cool looking. I like my red brittle star even though he only comes out at night than the urchin. maybe you could look into one of those blue ones, don't know much about them you will need to read up. Heard some stars will eat fish.

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