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I just got Green Metallic Star Polyps and a Featherduster..


I was a little worried at first about how well the polyps would do, but by the next day they were out and eating...


Check it out..



Here's the full tank...



It has a Mini refugium hooked up to the power-head



Pretty slick, I put live brine in there and there's culpera and codepods/hydroids in there.. I idea was to provide a space with intenser lighting a protection from the shrimps..


I also changed my filter system to use foam, chemi-pure, and Biochemi-stars.. Pretty active system, the cemi-pure is great I have always used it in my tanks.


Right now there are two fish



4 Snails, 2 blue leg hermits and a red leg hermit, a cleaner shrimp and a coral banded shrimp..


I used 10 pounds of Live sand and 9 pounds of live rock,I also filled the tank with purified water(reverse osmosis) and added in vitamins and buffer.


Well See where the tank is at in a month or so...




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Son Of Skyline

Great tank! How well does that refugium work? It seems pretty simple. I wouldn't mind setting something like that up in my tank if its worth it to do so.

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Christopher Marks

It's looking very nice KoAps!  keep up the good work.

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In terms of that refugium and it's effectiveness is pretty questionable...


the Advantages it has is that it is Live Rock/Live Sand/ Algae all kept really close to the light, so I figure it to be 8watts of light to about two inches of water.... so it's pretty intense( i probably wouldn't want one of these on a tank with Power Compacts, might cause a heating issue since it's such a small space of water close to a lot of heat, it will absorb it and bring it into your tank since the refugium I have shares water with the tank.


The Protection is gives from the shrimps is good for the codepods and I'm putting brine shrimp both live and eggs in there.. So hopefully some will stay in there and breed.


There's two places where water flows, so it's unlikely anything that swims in there too much will stay in there... Which was also kinda the idea, I want some of the creatures in there to be suked out and fed to the reef.


So as a temperary area for algae growth and copepod and brine developement, I'm sure it's really effective.. but as a complete refugium it lacks space, you would want more area and lighting for the ideal algae growth tank, and you don't want it in the display tank...


I got all the stuff I needed(the platic box and suker cups) at a place called Tap Plastic..


You have to becare about what kinda of plastic you use, some will leak deadly chemical in water...

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