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my 7 gallon

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cool tank. can you give some info on your tank????

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it is a 7g bowfront that i started oct. 12th. of course the typical 32watt csl retrofit. i use r/o water that i buy from the lfs that i bring home in a 5g bucket and r/o topoff water. it has about 10-11 lbs of marshall island live rock and some fiji that i bought from jeff's exotic fish. i use southdown sand. i'm using the tetratec 150 and heater hob filter and one microjet 450 powerhead. i just recently took out the carbon and filter media out of the filter b/c i think it was causing my nitrate and ammonia levels to be a little high.



1 montipora frag

1 torch coral frag

1 hammer coral

purple button polyps

maroon/green mushrooms

1 cleaner shrimp

1 anemone shrimp (clown shrimp)

1 anemone crab

3 red foot moon snails

3 turbo snails

had 3 margarita snails but i think 2 of em died

2 cerith snails - one lost its shell to a left handed hermit  - which then took a margarita shell, the one in my pic)

5 or so left handed hermits

3 blue legged hermits

2 scarlet reef hermits

oh, and baby snails! there are a few crawling around.

and 1 percula clown but he's not doing too well. fedex failed to deliver on time in the morning and so he was sitting in the warehouse until about 8pm. and i think my ammonia and nitrates were a little high. so he's been hiding behind all the rocks.


oh and some mysterious black spidery crab that i probably should pull out. but it requires me to take everything out to get him. yep... thats me tank.


i hope to keep a pair of clowns in here eventually.

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Christopher Marks

Looks great jmhwang!  Thanks for sharing the photos.

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