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New 5.5 Gallon Nano-Reef

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I bought a 5.5 gallon acrylic tank (18x8x9) with a beautiful oak stand and canopy (it was built as a demo for a company that makes aquarium furniture), and looks just like a "real" 50-120 gallon set up (except for the diminutive size).  


I plan to have a refugium built (hopefully by Atlantica Aquariums) and plan to light the tank with power compacts (hopefully also with the help of Atlantica Aquariums).  


I plan to use live rock and live sand, no skimmer, weekly water changes, etc.  


I plan to keep a cleaning crew (5 or so hermits, 1 turbo snail, 5 smaller snails, and perhaps a cleaner shrimp), a nice mix of beginners corals and a small pair of Amph. Osc. Clownfish in it.  


Please give me any advice regarding:


1. Exact wattage and color mix of lighting you would recommend?;


2.  Does the proposed cleaner crew seem adequate/correct for the tank size?


3. Corals that can live together without waging chemical warfare and that are hardy and good for a beginner?;


4.  Are there any good red sponges for a nano-reef that you can recommend?


5. What is the most important thing to watch out for in setting up/running a nano-reef?


6.  What is the best single piece of advice you can give a newbie nano-reefer (Aside from doing your homework in advance/getting good books and reading them)??


7.  Anything else you deem important for me to know.

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