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umbra solaris

...what type of starfish is this/starfish help.

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umbra solaris


Taken that someone knows what it is, maybe you can help me with something thats been going wrong with it.


A couple of days back I put a purple gorgorian in the tank that had auto-distructed by the next morning... All my invertebreas (snails and featherduster) where killed except for this starfish. The water smelled real bad and all for a couple of days and with water changes and ammonia treatments I got the water back to normal.


Now, he is usually on the glass of the tank like he is seen here. Lately, his grip on the glass hasn't been very good. So bad that when I tap on the glass he falls down sometimes. He also twists his limbs alot into really bizzare positions.


Anyone know how or what is wrong?

All help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know anything about anything, but it looks to me like a red star that a LFS near me was selling as reef safe. *shrug*.


...or not...


He seems pretty hardy anyway.

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It might be this. There's is nothing on the net that says specific care. Some german guy has one in his tank though. Looks like a rare find.


Echinaster (Othilia) echinophorus

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umbra solaris

Yup! Thats the one!

Thank you, a lot, really. :D


I got this small one for free when I bought the original tank setup, i've seen the adult ones they're massive and have thorns like those.


Now... to look for info X)

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cut 'im up into little tiny pieces and spread 'em all over your tank...


hur hur hur


This looks like that "Crown of Thorns" starfish notorius for wiping out large sections of coral reef. I seem to remember a story where some well meaning numbskulls went and hacked away thinking they'd kill them off. A few weeks later....


Of course, my knowledge is like mist, so believe Acoustic rather



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