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Run external fuge above biocube?


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Heres the deal...


I have completely modded the crap out of my biocube 29. It currently has 70 w halide in the canopy with the 2x36 watt PC tubes. It also has the rear chambers modified to preserve constant height in the 2nd chamber, which i have divided into two parts, one for tunze nano skimmer and one for a fuge. Right now my fuge is lit through the back of the tank by a coralife powercompact fixture.


So anyway... I am unhappy with the lighting in the tank. I am thinking I am going to build a custom canopy and put a 150watt halide in it, maybe along with some VHO actinics. This all is just a thought for now, but hopefully I will make some progress in a few weeks when I am out of school.


So it got me thinking... Another thing I am unhappy about is my ability to monitor my fuge. Also, my fuge is smaller than I would like it to be.


So if I were to build a custom canopy, could I build it strong enough to hold a 2.5 gallon fuge up above the tank, and run the fuge like that?


I am thinking that having it above the tank, sortof in the canopy, would allow me to watch and manage it better, as well as keep the heat in the tank down better.


Would you be hesitant about making the tank support that weight above it?


I am thinking something like pumps up from chamber 1 or 3 and overflow returns into chamber two.


What do you think?

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Yep, that is the general idea.


I'm just wondering if there are any concerns I should be aware of. Of course I don't want to overflow my display with this sucker...


Does anybody see any problems with having the weight of 2.5gal of water resting on top of my biocube?


I am planning to design the canopy with like a separate compartment for the tank or something... seems interesting enough to me...

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