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switching from a bta to a rbta, how will my hosting maroon pair react


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ok, so here's the story. i have a plain old brown bta. kinda ugly. my clowns love it, sleep in it everynight, never stray more than a few inches from it. it's happy, eats tons and doesn't stray from the spot it's in. as much as i like the bta, brown just isn't my thing. i'd really like to pick up a rbta and pull a fast switch when my clowns aren't looking. first of all, will this be traumatic to my clowns, will they host in the rbta and the other thing i'm worried about is the new rbta bulldozing my corals while it seaches for it's prized spot in the tank. i'd try and get it to stay in the spot my old bta took (since i guess that means it has good flow and lighting) but i'm sure each bta has a mind of it's own and it may want to wander. otherwise, could i add the rbta and will they use chemical warfare on each other, and sting the hell outta each other, or since they are the same species, just different morphs, will they play nice.


also, before i inevitably get flamed for having two maroons and a bta in my tank...i do plan on upgrading when i get out of school and get a real job. not much money left over with law school in the background. my maroons are still pretty small. also, water params are great.


thanks a lot,


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Well... the first issue is how are you going to get the rooted bta off the rock...?


My gbta is rooted firmly into a crevice and I don't think there's any way to get it off the rock... unless I risk tearing its foot apart.


And there's the high chance the new nem will wander about... and sting the corals to death.


And also, the clowns might not host again


The bad just out-weights the good by a stretch...


There's another option... upgrade the lights. Maybe the brown nem will turn into a green nem... just my .02

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Yeah, if your bta is brown, you need more light. If you get a rbta, it will most likely brown out like the other one. If its not the lighting then something else could be wrong. With two maroons, it could be nutrients or too much stress from hosting.

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