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New nano cube 24 DX


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I started my first saltwater tank 3 weeks ago.



20+ lbs. Live rock

40 lbs. Live sand

Maxi-jet 900 powerhead w/ hydor flo

Stock 72w lighting (2 x 36w 50/50)




2.nano skimmer + carbon media bag

3. 75w stealth heater + stock pump







I have 10 inverts (5 crabs and 5 snails)

and also have 3 chromis



i have ordered the Nano skim and it should be here any day now.



i'm kinda new at this so any suggestions would be a great help.

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you seem to be on the right track.


must really love chromis =].


how what type of coral do you plan to get and what other fish if any are you planning on adding?

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Today i went to my LFS and got a sixline wrasse!!!

I put him in and he just dissapeared into the rocks. :angry:


what should i feed it? i feed my chromis Brine shrimp flakes. will it eat the flakes? thanks

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Give it time and it will come out. You can feed it frozen mysis and your chromis will grub on that too. You should add ricordia as well and some zoas.

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mY MUSHROOMS opened up more today. they seem to being doing pretty good. my 6line still isn't coming out of the rocks. :angry:


i'm gonna go the the LFS to get some zoa's and maybe a ricordia or 2

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shao-lin nano

6/4-line is my favorite. You can also add colt coral, hammer or frogspawn, trumpet or candycane, open brain, mini carpet anemone, acans, pretty much any softies and lps. Its more interesting if you mix in different colors and textures. Good luck.

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shao-lin nano

not the mini carpets. they're really colorful and grow to be only about 2-3in wide. they multiply quickly too. you can usually find local reefers selling them about $10-20 a peice.

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i got 4 new corals and a Clown fish today i'm so happy!!!









Hammer Coral








green leather


what do you think any suggestions???

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