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GSP -- How long to attach?


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I purchsed a 4" frag of GSP about 3 weeks ago. It came rubberbanded to a rock and I figured it would be attached by now but I went to remove the rubberband and still hasn't even begun to attach. The base of the GSP isn't purple in all areas. Its a light purple in one area, and a tan color in another.


I dont understand why it hasn't attached. Should I try superglue?



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New GSP mat growth will be encrusted on the rock if it is kept at one place long enough. The old parts will not attach readily, that's why people say to use superglue.

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Or rubber band it back, Go see my tank in the gallery, nothing is glued down. But then again, if you want the gsp in a certain spot, you will probably have to glue it. I


Just as a fair warning, GSP mats can grow over anything. So you might want to place it away from other rocks. Talking from experience here.

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