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Currently available AIO Tanks and rankings of each one?


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I am hoping to come up with a list of currently available AIO tanks (not discontinued) and have them ranked by quality and/or price.


Here is what I know so far.


1. Red Sea Max

2. Cadlights

3. BioCube

4. Aqua-Pod

5. NanoCube


Please feel free to add your suggestions or arguments to this list or, even better, provide your own list.


I am hoping this will help newbies or returning hobbyist to be able to compare the current models available before they make their purchase.



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Brian Crook

Well I can cover the BioCube information:


Available Models:


BioCube 8 Gallon - $145.00 (US)

BioCube 14 Gallon - $170.00 (US)

BioCube 29 Gallon - $260.00 (US)


Form Fit stand is extra


Features of the BioCube:


Coralife Power Compact lighting (18/24/36 Watt Accordingly)

- 1 x 10000K Bulb

- 1 x True Actinic Bulb


Coralife Moonlights (2/2/3 Lights Accordingly, 3/4 Watts)


Wet/Dry Filtration using overflow grate and bioballs


Single return powerhead and pump (106/137/316 GPH)


Dual floor water intakes for the rear filtration chambers


Replaceable pad unit for mechanical and chemical filtration


Curved glass with form fit hood


On/Off switches for lighting built on to hood


There is no heater included




There are numerous modifications and upgrade kits available for this series of aquariums depending on how far you would like to go. This includes the possibility of metal halide lighting, extra or upgraded pumps, protein skimmers, etc...


I own a BioCube and I am very happy with it, although I have spent a lot of time modifying it and upgrading it to my own specific needs. Overall a great system for a great price.


I hope this helps you.

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if i could invest in a new nano w/ built in filtration , i would invest in a Finnex M tanks or simular. exactly like the JBJs or bioCubes but less modifications or design flaws.


yeah so, what Jetboat ^ ^ said.

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