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Switching from Nutriwater to Reef Crystal.


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Well my 30 gallong tank cycled and I love the nutriwater mixed with RO/DI water. It has worked great for me! But Nutriwater is too expensive at 11 to 15 dollars for 4.4 gallons. I am going to switch to RO/DI + Reef Crystals.


Have you had any experience switching? Will the tank be ok? I plan on starting slow with small water changes of 10% then increasing to 20%. Wished I could continue using the Nutri SeaWater but oh well :)


Any sugestions would be appreciated!

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The slower the better. IME you will be changing the water chemistry which can lead to diatom/algae outbreaks. Should be fine though.

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Just do regular water changes with the new salt mix. If you normally do 10% water changes, stick with that. I’ve never had any problems switching brands using this method.

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