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True Percula Clown's KEEP FIGHTING


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I bought two True Percs and one of them is just picking on the other one ...the one that is getting picked on is getting messed up pretty bad i think its gonna die...what sould i do????? HELP

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well you probably got 2 females or 2 that are almost way to close in size that they are fighting over who will become female

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try making some kind of divider where only the smaller (assuming size difference) one will fit through the gaps.


you can also try just providing lots of hiding spots.


you can also seperate them for a while until the wussy one heals enough to defend itself (or run away from) the bully

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Scott Riemer

There's never a guarantee that two clownfish will pair up. One has to be dominant (female) and the other submissive(male). If they're both female, that'll never happen. They'll fight until one's dead most likely. If it looks like it's getting so beat up it's going to die, get it out of there.


Or like Adin said, leave them be and see if they settle it themselves.

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Thanks i divided one of them there still in the same tank but now the one that was fighting the other one is doing the twitching thing

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I've had a 2 inch clown for around 5 months and had wanted another one so I went to the LFS and bought the smallest clown they had and prayed thet it would work. For the first 5 minutes the big one was goind at the little one, so I fed them and the big one went and ate and then they have been swimming together ever since.


P.S. I have a 180 gallon reef

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