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Can't find a thread


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well i am looking for the thread where a guy made his wife a tank for her work out of a azoo mini bow front tank ... or a red sea one ... the oval looking one with the wavy top lmao ... i can't find it and i have looked for a while ... it is the one where he had no circulation on the tank .. if anyone knows that thread or can find it for me that would be sweet because i want to make one into a pico :D

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nope thats not the one lol .... but it is nice ... the pico im doing is going to be about 0.25 gallons ... i going to put some corals in there and maybe a single hermit ... i just want something tiny for my computer table ... and if i do recall the tank im thinking of a single airpump was used and the airline tubing was drilled through the liverock

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