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Newbie 10 Gallon Nano Reef. UPDATED Lots of PIcs


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Hey guys, pretty new at this, but im slowly picking up on it. I been keeping freshwater for as long as i can remember, but saltwater is new to me. I have picked up on quite a bit, so far soo good.


This is my 10 Gallon nano reef that i started with, about 15LBs of LR (matured), 10LBS Live Sand (Caribsea Direct Ocean) 10 Gallons of Mautred Saltwater. It has now been running for a little over a month.


After Second Week, Tank readings where great.

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 10-15

PH 8.2

Sal. 1.025


-10 Gallon Aquarium

-15Lbs Live Rock

-10Lbs Live Sand (Caribsea Ocean Direct)


-Power Head (145GPH)

-Aqua Clear 50 Fuge (Sponge/LR/Algea)

-Rio Nano Skimmer

-Hydro 50Watt Heater


- Temp Light: Ordered Current USA 20" Dual Sat. 2x40Watt

- 9Watt PC light for fuge


-3 Hermits

-1 Peppermint Shrimp (awsome killed all my aptisa)

-1 Fire Shrimp

-2 Turbo Snails

-1 Emerald Crab

-1 Porcelain Crab

-1 False Clown

-1 Coral Beauty


-Star Poly









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Hey thanks for the comments guys, i have just introduced a Purple Fire Goby to the tank today. Thats it for fish, the clown, fire goby, and coral beauty is the only fish im keeping. Some people might think its too much, but i will be keeping a close eye on the water. Gonna take it easy now and not add any new corals until i see how these corals are doing.


Anyways here are some pics of whats living in my tank: Everyone is getting along just fine and seem very active and healthy.


P.S, my coral beauty has been shy, he would pop out of the rocks once in a while to eat or swim around. Was usally always behind the rocks, ever since i added the purple goby, he is always swimming in the front eating off the rocks, and my puple goby doesn't seem shy at all, always hanging out in the front keeping an eye on my clown.






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Thanks Gerber77, ill keep a close eye, soo far soo good.'


You guys think im pushing it with these three fish? or i should be ok. I am on top of my water changes, about 20% water change every week, and rinse out my sponge and algea about ever week to free up any left over that might spike up the nitrate. I am using strickly R/O water and mixing my own saltwater using Tropic Marin Sea Salt.

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today i just added a peppermint shrimp to my 5 gallon. my fingers are crossed for me to wake up without any aiptasia. i figured if one shrimp did well in your 10 gallon. it might do the same in my tank. your tank is looking great.

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yea chriss77, that peppermint should take care of that aiptasia right away. I had a pretty big one on, one of my rocks, and i thought there is no way that my peppermint shrimp would eat this thing cause of its size. But i woke up the next morning and it was gone :).

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Tank is off to a great start, I also have a 10g. I have 2 green clown gobies and a juvi black clown in mine. I had 2 peppermints in the tank and they terrorized all my corals, ate a Hammer Coral frag and also a Blue Green Ricordia. They should be called Satanic Shrimp.

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:S are peppermint shrimps known to eat corals? I dont' like him too much just wanted to get him to eat my aipstias. Should i take him out?

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Hey Good looking tank and set-up. Take pictures when you get the new light system on it. I would like to see the difference. I just ordered the Sunpod 16.5" 70-watt MH for my 12-gallon.

Keep it up

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Hey Guys just wanted to update you on my 10 Gallon Nano.


Tank is close to Two Months Old.

Just got my new 20" Dual Sat. Current USA Fixture.

P.S. Let me know what you guys think so far, open to suggestions.



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DUDE nice ROCK! That big piece in the middle fit your tank perfectly! I also like your Fuge setup and how's that Rio Nano Skimmer working for ya? I bought one but it's no good on my Biocube because of water level but I think it should be great in a regular tank like yours.

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Damn man your bioload is HUGE. I dont know how you keep your water quality that good. If you have a problem with it I would take out the coral beauty and you should be fine. Thats alot of fish. I like the setup tho, nice firefish.

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