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Well this morning i actually managed to pull myself out of bed and make it to the Durham Region Fish Auction. It was insane. No sw stuff but the prices were outrageously cheap. I mean like 6 gold crested platys 3$ (they are 4 a piece at big als) ... breeding pairs of full grown angels 6$ ... gold red melon cross discus 35$ (i got outbid at the last second i was angry lol ) ... groups of yellow lab chichlids 6 for 6$ ... i was amazed... not only was the mass amount of fish crazy but the donations made by local fish stores was awesome ... air pumps, filters, plants, fish, food (like 2$ for 1lb of flakes) .... i just thought i would share my experience with everyone here and let everyone know to go to these things lol any local aquarium club usually has one or two and it is the best way to get fish ... there is supposed to be a marine one coming up soon and i can't wait to go to that one

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