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Will a dead mantis crash a 20g?


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I finally put a large phillips head screwdriver through the middle of a 2"- 2.5" mantis shrimp that has been driving me crazy for about three months. Killing it was the last thing I wanted to do, but recently he has been eating all kinds of things from the CUC to at least two peppermint shrimp and on and on.


The problem is that after I got him in the back, I held it there for about 30 seconds while he shook and twitched, he finally stopped moving so I picked up the screwdriver, but he managed to retreat back into the rock. If you only knew what I have been going through with this shrimp. Anyway, the rock is a large piece of fiji, and holds a few other rocks up, as well as a frogspawn, so I really don't want to disturb it, but I think the shrimp will die in the hole, any thoughts?


I tried to hook a powerhead up to a hose and blow in the hole, but nothing came out. I assume that anything of this size rotting in a 24g cube will cause some major problems no?


Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated on this, as I am about to start taking the LR apart.


PS, think twice before adding any TBS rock, between hitchhikers and die-off, I wish I could get a refund.

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your lfs wouldnt take him ?

I tried everything to get him out alive, but it was impossible. After three months, he has become very keen to everything that goes on in the tank, when the top opened he would hide, but any other time, he just strolled around the tank like the other stuff. Trust me, I didn't want to kill him, but I didn't have any other options as this has been going on for months.

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