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How many jawfish?


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Hi all, I currently have two yellowhead jawfish in a 29 gal biocube, I would love to put one or two more but don't know if they get territorial. I have had them over the years but never more than two. they have always seemed pretty peaceful and have seen them at wholesalers with 20 or 30 in a tank but i know most fish act different in a home environment. Does anyone have experience introducing more after first ones are in tank a couple of months. I would love to see several little guys bobbing up and down, I think it would be very entertaining to have 3 or 4, thanks for replies

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they are one of the lesser territorial jawfish, in the wild there burrows will be as close as a foot from each other but so far as 3 or 4 in a 29, im not usre if it will work, if you were to get anymore males, they would deffinitely have territory disputes, id stick wiht just the two.

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