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Sapphire nano nc12 fit into AC110?


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I was reading about this and i was wondering if it could be done. i was thinking of doing a set up with a heater,skimmer, with LR/LR and chateo. i was wondering if i needed to put a sponge in it. i was going to go along this model 84628finishedfuge1so6.th.jpg

how would i go about fitting the skimmer into this type of model do i just need to add

another baffle chamber which would reduce the fuge chamber but i would have a skimmer. how would i set up the baffles would it be the same way.


oops i forgot to add does a sponge cause an increase in ph or something thats why some people say not to add one? if so i could take it out and have the heater,and skimmer,fuge.

fuge skimmer heater



something along that set up

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