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Green Bubble Coral Color Variations?


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so I suppose I finally decided to stop lurking and start posting a bit more B)


I got this green bubble coral yesterday, let it temp. acclimate for a bit over an hour, and then water/pH acclimate for about 20 mins before I finally put it in the tank. I set it on the bottom (had to put it away from my star polyps and ricordea until I do some better aquascaping). Anyways the color hasn't changed since I got it from the LFS, but some of the descriptions I've seen, and different pics from various websites they're usually a lot darker. my camera is a bit crappy for tank pics (works great for everything else), but they look to be a bit darker than green grapes for example. Anyone know how wide of a variety there is for the color of this coral normally?


thanks for the help!



(btw this is my 2nd tank. previous was a 24G JBJ NC when I lived in san diego)


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