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Coral Banded Shrimp eating Crocea Clam?


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Has this ever happened to anyone before? The clam seemed healthy, but this morning I found it being eaten (not nipping...literally having the mantle ripped from the shell) by the shrimp. I am puzzled by this because the water quality seemed ok, the clam was healthy, not gaping and responsive to stimuli. I have never heard of this happening before.


The other corals in the tank seem fine, and I can't find anything wrong with my water params.


I had had the clam for about a month under 70W MH in a 12G aquapod. He was up about 2/3, under the lighting. He was growing fine during this time. The tank is about 6 months old.


I'm obviously pretty distraught over this. Thoughts?

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shrimp and crabs are omnivores and will sometimes attack healthy animals. knop had noted even a cleaner shrimp ripping into some tridacnids he had. so even the innocuous types can prey on whatever.


cbs are more aggressive than cleaners and i've had some prey on fish and snails as well as each other (shrimps and even cannibalize each other), so it's not that surprising to me. i would not suggest another clam unless you remove the cbs.

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