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hello everyone, my name is joel and I'm from switzerland, 19 years old


in the precollege I'm in right now every student has to make a big project in order to be allowed to take the final exams. we have the time of a whole year for this project. the paper has to be around 20 pages and includes a theoretical and a practical part. now i have to come up with an interesting question about a nano reefaquarium i can follow and observe. (i have to hand in this question before i start the project)

so far i had experience with reef aquariums but never had a nano reef. so im asking here for help from some experienced nano reef owners to help me find an interesting central question i can answer with this whole project. I'm new in nano reefs and even i read alot about it, i dont exactly now what is waiting for me and i dont want to make a central question and be later on disappointed because i dont have the experience yet.


thank you for all your help

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is it possible to have a 1 gallon reef aqarium? haha oh man i really dont got any idea. i know what you are trying to get at, but im mind blank. i'm sure others will have some great ideas.

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Send Mr. Fosi a pm. He would be the best to ask, imo. :) Or just start a new thread titled "Hey Mr. Fosi" and he should see it. HTH

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i succesfuly made a 1.5 gallon reef with 3 pounds atlantic live rock 2 sexy shrimp 2 hermits 2 snails.a collony of zoo's and a big feather duster....

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This would depend on how much money you have to invest, but I always thought about buying about 3 or 4 10 gallon tanks and trying to set them up as identical as possible, and then changing things such as lighting (MH v. CF, etc.) and different filtering methods (pure LR, protein skimmer, sump, refugium) and the measure some quantifiable and usefull data points in each tank to compare them. (Oxygen levels, CO2 levels, calcium adsorption, rise and fall of nitrogen levels, cycle time, etc.) as you feed them identical amounts of food each day, exact same amount of water change, etc. It obviously wouldnt be perfect, but might be interesting, esp. if you had the money to set up mini-reefs in each one and could also measure growth rate of corals, etc at the same time.

Just an idea.

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One Eyed Bunny

I think a classic idea would be testing two or three different salts and measuring coral growth. All other aspects except for the synthetic salt used would be held constant. My suggestion would be to maintain only softies or possibly only zoanthids. These are easily fragmented so you can easily assure genetic similarity. This would negate any possible biological confounds leaving you only with mechanical confounds.


The problem with doing an experiment in the marine hobby is that it is, and will be expensive.

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thx for ur ideas guys. i gonna talk with my teacher about it and as soon i start this project i will post my progress.

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