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Coral Vue Hydros

help me with this + care tips


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I got this on a trade for some polyps.Can anyone id this for me as well as provide some care tips. I have had it for 2 weeks now and it has darkened up a bit and has inflated nicely. Currently I have it in the bottom of my 12 gallon nano dx. Thanks.

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thats an awful pic. :)


perhaps a candycane?



Sorry my camera has poor macro capabilities, here is a better shot.

It looks like a candy cane but in pink?? Since I have had it is is getting red blotches or small dots on it.


Thanks again.

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looks like a blasto that's seen better days.


if it's a blasto, try target feeding ground mysis or sand eels (ground fish)

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I did try spot feeding but no tenacles are out as of yet, I think it is slowly improving as it is coloring up with the red specs you can see and is inflating nicely daily. Before it was pale pink and really shrunken. I don't think it is a candy cane as the stalk it is on looks different kinda spiky, not at all like my other candy canes. Do candy cane corals come in pink? I saw online something called a pink lobophylia


The colony it came from looked like this.




Thanks for the input, if it is on the way out is there anything I can do to improve its chances??

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