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Questions on Filters


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What do you gys think of this???



Refugium Section


Filter water naturally and eliminate NO3 efficiently

Stabilize water conditions

Provide natural food sources to aquarium inhabitants

Serve as a controlled growing area for the macroalgae that help reduce nuisance microalgae in your display aquarium

Protein Skimmer Section


Removing organic waste

Free powerhead included

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hmm, i'm not really a big fan of those pre-packaged hob refugiums. i prefer either protein skimmers or just a sump with more rockwork for LR filtration (increasing cryptic zone filtration and typical LR filtration).


otoh, i've bought those pre-packaged fuges too but i didn't really see the improvement versus a cheaper diy sump (also can double as a refugium) setup. i'd save your money for lighting and maybe a protein skimmer, RO/DI filter, and/or calcium or kalk reactor as your big ticket items.



btw, the weekend crowd around here is sometimes sparse and response time can be very slow. it's not unheard of for a post to go a day without a reply as it depends on the readers' interest in that particular topic (or poster). ;)


pps: i'd splurge for a mh light versus a 96W pc but that's just my pers pref. hth

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Thanks for your response!! I just bought the light!!! Upgraded from stock 18w 50/50s!! LOL....I am also thinking of just using power heads and LR for filtration. What do you think of that? I have a Eclipse 12g and I hav ditched the floss and the carbornation....have nylon filled with sand the filtration.....

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do you mean you have a nylon bag filled with sand? not sure the point of that though. a bag full of carbon will yield you more surface area. you might get some caco3 dissolution, but bagged up like you described i don't think it would be that much (the way it would be compacted).


using ph's and rock/sand are fine, i.e. the 'natural method'.


but there's also nothing wrong with using floss and carbon occasionally either imo. however, i usually reserve floss use for some unforeseen turbid event or periodic cleaning that will likely kick up too much crud.


carbon otoh, i tend to use 24/7 but i run my setups predominantly with softies which can be a bit allelopathic in their existence. so the carbon (for me) creates the illusion for the tank that there isn't as many coral neighbors by (hopefully) keeping chemical levels at a low.


i'm not a big fan of the eclipse systems but i started with them too. they tend to be too restrictive though in the end. good luck!

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well the light won't fit on with the stock fiter...I would have to get a HOB one....hey if I do the LR aka natural thingy....will I need more then on PH?


"do you mean you have a nylon bag filled with sand? not sure the point of that though" I filled a leg of a pair of pantyhose with the LS from my sandbed...I put it where the blue flossy thing was....sorta like puttin LR in your sump

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..will I need more then on PH?
depends on the resulting/remaining flow. sufficient flow is different for every tank due to differing aquascape, hardware, livestock, and the individual aesthetic tastes of the hobbyist. so i can't really say x-gph from y-amount of sources is sufficient for your particular setup. usually, you start low and keep adding or upgrading until you hit a sweet zone.


I filled a leg of a pair of pantyhose with the LS from my sandbed...I put it where the blue flossy thing was....sorta like puttin LR in your sump
hmm, the sand most likely compacts too much and/or the flow will be too high (results in a different effect, actually). nothing wrong per se, but i don't think it'll yield you what you're looking for.


the hob option is a good upgrade. the over-the-tank method of eclipse is more for fw imho, not optimal for our light-intensive hobby.

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just go with a hob that you're comfortable with. Aquaclears are very reliable, cheap, and have adjustable flow. they're typically the most popular ones because of those traits.


i'd go larger on the hob (if it's an AC) than smaller. if it's too much flow, you can just cut back. but the larger capacity of the bigger hob allows for a refugium option, extra volume, extra gph (when needed), a good spot to dose (if necessary). it's basically a cheap sump option imo. hth

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