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false back wall in ocean free and diy pl-pendant


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okay, i havent even started my current reef, but now i am doomed for the hobby.


i traded a skimmer and a deltec-pump, for 1 controllable tunze powerhead, a ocean free 40' long tank and 1 pl 36 watt, a airpump skimmer and 2 oldschool fluorescent systems.. pic will follow soon.


I was thinking of doing a false back wall to make a all-in-one system, but can you glue acrylic to glass with silicones?


I was also searching for a nice diy-pendant link and can't really find a good-looking example like these aqua-medic ufo pendants.. So i will make my own. I've heard of some plastics that go toxic when heated a little with pl-lighting. my idea for the pendant was to make it out of a sewage (sewege?) pipe cut in two halfs each containing a pl bulb. the only fear is that pipe will go toxic..


For the back wall i plan to use light blue acrylic, with teeth and a refugium. the airpump skimmer will fit in there.


so these are my ideas, just wanted to share before i start diy-ing.. maybe i fish up some critics/suggestions.


the pics are from someon elses tank, same tank though



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i was hoping for some advice on the layout of the sump in a back wall. I had a load of examples on my hdd, but deleted them by mistake.


as you can see on the pictures in above post, a backwall over the length of the tank would make the tank very 2d. So i think ill make it a corner tank.

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Corner false wall?


I started a thread here about a false wall for my 10 gallon tank if you want to check it out. I had 3 chambers. One for the inflow, one for media if required, and the last for the return pump.

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okay, so it's no rocketscience. Did you integrate your powerheads into the back wall? I was thinking of using loc-line in the tank powered by some maxijets. But then the maxijets should be fitted in the last compartiment.


if i use cheato and no more than 2 or three fish that stay little, then a small bubble-skimmer would be enough right.. i'm talking about thode airpump-powered skimmer.


thanks for the advice

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