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What the criznap?


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post-27094-1176696811_thumb.jpgpost-27094-1176696811_thumb.jpgHoping you all can help me identify with the is? It came on a piece of seahell I got. Seashell came with a stuburn starfish that wouldn't come out of it and the LFS just said take it with the shell.


Thanks for th help!


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Definitely not majona, in my opinion. The tentacles are way too thick. I would think that it was something good, be careful with it and it might get big enough to be sure. Good luck.

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Thanks for all the replys!!!!

I see how some think it is a manjo and some a BTA. After reviewing photos of both I think it could go either way. One thing I can say for sure is that it likes to relocate itself. I have put the thing three times now out in front on a rock and it keeps crawling to the rear and seemingly away from the light and curent???

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