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Anyone heard of wholesaler Poseidon Aquatics of Gardena


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Anyone been inside I was driving around with my brother and got a little lost and ended up in the parking lot place looks huge I could see alot of holding tanks and outside about 20-30 boxes from live rock shipments if anyone one has info on what it takes to get in and look I would appreciate it.






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Thanks is it worth opening an account can you buy small quantities or do you have to buy 20 clownfish and 50 plate corals :D

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I've heard of the name before. I know of one place in the San Fernando Valley that does biz with them. I'd love to take a look inside

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Poseidon Aquatics is a wholesaler. We buy freshwater fish from them at the store where I work occasionally. They do not sell retail and to buy from them you need a retail business license and most likely a tax license. They most likely have a minimum order of probably around $300 (I don't remember, I don't order freshwater). Some of these places also require proof of having a retail store front.

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