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Dying Zoos


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A while ago I got some zoos and broke up the rock they were on. For the most part they were doing excellent and lately they've all gone downhill. I dont know why. One colony im pretty sure is all but dead, and the other part of it now only has a few zoos opening.


But I got a diff colony from the same LFS and there still doing great...is it possible this one colony was effected?


Ill get some pics after my shower...should I get rid of the dying zoos? can they hurt the other ones? or my tank?

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We really need a pic or more info.

Did they look like they had some kind of coating on them?

Did they just start closing up and then "melt away"?

Have you checked to see if you have any nudis or sundial snails or any other zoa predators?

See this link for predators and irritators:



I would get rid of any rocks where you are certain the zoas are either completely gone or a lost cause.

For the rock where you still have some zoas that are opening, it would probably be a good idea to do a dip. There are a couple of different dip recipes. You could get Seachem's Coral Dip and just follow the instructions. You could get Kent Marine's concentrated iodine and do a dip with SW from the tank in a separate container, 5ml or 1 teas of iodine to 1 gal. for 3-4 minutes. You could get Lugol's iodine and add 4 drops to 1 gal of SW or 1 gal of RO water that has had the PH adjusted to match the tank. Dipping in SW would deal with bacterial or fungal issues, dipping in FW would deal with those issues as well as pests such as nudis.

Good luck!

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sry I couldnt get the pics yesterday...the camera was dead...but here they are...i've got some before and after's









I made a thread a while ago asking about some of them b/c I noticed one kinda looked like it was glued shut..and someone said not to worry...its either stressed or if it is dying it wont effect the other polyps....


But now the ones that havnt melted away look glued up as well.


as for

any nudis or sundial snails or any other zoa predators?
I dont have any of those. All ive got are 2 hermits, 2 sexy shrimp, and a snail somewhere. I've noticed some clear tenacles coming out of some of my LR but one of them is in a rock were I have another colony and that one is still going strong.
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