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Coral Vue Hydros

starter 5 gallon


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started it up about 4 months ago.

started out with a 5 gallon tank off of craig list. bought a coralife 2-18watt 50/50 compact flourescent light from lfs. bought a Taam Rio Nano Protein Skimmer off of marine depot.

got some live sand and live rock from lfs.

put it all together to let it cycle. it looked like this:


after a few weeks of letting it cycle. i re-arranged the rock and bought a feather duster, a few snails and crabs.


re-arranged the rock again. bought a nice piece of xenia and got a little piece of leather coral from my dad's 65 gallon.


after another week i bought a piece of rock from lfs that had 2 kinds of zoanthids on them and bought a piece of candycane coral with 3 heads. i also got a few little mushrooms on some pieces of rock.

one day i came home from work to find my worm from the feather duster out of the tube. not too sure why it did this. but i left it in there for a few days. but it just ended up dying. i plan on getting another feather duster soon



sorry about the photos not looking too great. on my digital camera the screen is broke i gotta deal with it.

the light just sits on top of my tank with a piece of glass between the water and light.


currently my xenia is not doing to well. it's all shrunken and turned darker. i've done a water change and put him closer to the light. we'll see how it does.


more updates soon w/ better/more pictures


any suggestions helps. this is my first tank.

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two of my crabs got too big for this tank and killed the smaller one. so i moved both the bigger crabs into a bigger tank. i am having a slight aiptasia problem on some of my rocks so i want to get a peppermint shrimp and possible a cleaner shrimp. will both of these shrimp do fine together in a 5 gallon tank???

if so,tomorrow i will go to the lfs and buy some shrimp and probably a few more snails.

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i dont know much about shrimp, but i think 2 would be to many for a 5 gallon, but people my say otherwise. what is your current CUC, and what snails do you plan on getting more of? by the way, nice looking tank.

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well i had 3 trochus snails. now i'm down to two. also had 3 crabs. but they've moved onto a bigger tank now. i just plan on going to the lfs and buying a few more snails. i was going to go with their suggestions of what to get because i have not researched snails much. i would also like to have a crab or two. i deffinetly need a peppermint shrimp at this point. aiptasia is a real pest.


i am basically open to suggestions of a good clean up crew for this tank. as of today i only have 2 snails in there. but tomorrow....it will all change.

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went to lfs today. got all sorts of new things

bought 2 snails

1 hermit crab

1 peppermint shrimp

small green ricordia

a red mushroom i saw sitting in the sand of a tank

a green mushroom attached to a piece of rock that i want to attach my new red shroom onto

10 or so polyps of zoas. they are some sort of green.


nothing has really opened now that they're in my tank

but ill do my best for photos tomorrow with my camera with a broken screen once they all open

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