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refugium lights on during day?


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is it really necessary to run the light cycle for the refugium (in the 2nd chamber of nc24) opposite the tank lights? It seems to throw light into the tank and maybe adding to my cyano.. anybody here run the fuge lights during the day?

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You can run your fuge lights at the same time that you run your display lights, but the pH level throughout the day (due to CO2 levels) might fluctuate a lot more than it currently does. People run their refugium lighting during the night mostly for pH control.


Additional gas exchange (via evaporation, flow, or a skimmer) can also help balance CO2/pH levels. Also, your LR and sand will help buffer pH (as will a good salt mix).


If you change the light cycle of the refugium, make sure that you monitor pH (both day and night) for awhile. You can always switch back if you see a problem due to CO2 levels.

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i have my refuge light come on one hour before my daylights turn off,, just to ensure that the macroalgae has had plent of time to start photosythisis and counter act any drop in ph.

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Hey Spliff...


I'm curious as to what light you are using in the chamber. I've been playing with the idea of running a light for a fuge in the second chamber of my bc29 but haven't found anything suitable to use back there.


Any recomendations? or suggestions??

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