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bristle worms friend or foe?


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in a 12g will they ever get that big in my tank iv only ever seen two(it could have been the same one) that lives in my sand bed so how will i know if it gets to big?

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id just leave them. feed the tank at night and look u will see them.

I agree--


The only time they may "harm" is if they sting your hand. It's never happened to me--but I don't want to know if they can or not. Otherwise--like reef says--they eat mujunga from the tank.

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alienup, i doubt you would know if the thing got up to foot long. these guys can hide surprisingly well. If you do see any bristle worm over a foot long, you'll want to remove them. Once they get that big it seems they may develop a taste for soft corals, especially zoos and shrooms.


if they're small, leave them as part of the CUC.

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