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Cattle Castration


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If you order scalpels from some medical supply company, let me save you some time. If there is a TSC (Tractor Supply Company) near you look in the CATTLE CASTRATION section. You may feel very awkward buying something that is intended for cutting cows' balls off. They also have arm-length gloves. I know you people in big cities may not have a TSC.

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I must have been on a site like that recently because I have been getting some SEMENTANKS "recommendation" on Gmail.


They have supplies for storing bovine semen. Where have they been all my life?!

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I just steal them from the animal phys lab at school.


You can buy them buy the box on ebay cheap too.


They should be marked with a number between 1-30. Bigger number = bigger blade.


I use a 22, but if you have something more delicate or small, might try an 11.

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