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Kudos to Nano-Paul


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I recently had a transaction with nano-paul for some of his kedd reds, well he promptly shipped out the package and I'll have you know it got lost in the mail so what does Mr. Paul do?....He simply says no worries, I'll send you out another package on my dime via fed-ex overnight, he not only resent what was lost but 3 other frags as well. :bling:


I simply will not hesitate to do business with him again unless of course I'm flat broke at that moment.


Cheers to Nano-paul for a super excellent transaction. You can't go wrong with this kind gentleman and I highly recommend him. :D

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:huh: 4 frags? Math never was my strong point anyways. I swore I only put one in there :lol: Glad your happy and thanks for the feedback! Your an understanding buyer, thats why I did what I did. ;)
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Nano-Paul is da man!

I did a trade with him not long ago, and was very happy with the transaction.

Professional packaging, great communication, extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

He also really knows his stuff and has some nice corals.

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