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Need Some Opinions Please


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My birthday is approaching and I would really like a nice new sleeker and better performing light system for my picos (2 x 2.5g). The tanks are right next to each other, end to end, and right now I have separate lighting for each. These lights are not running very well now, they were cheap to begin with and I would like a better light setup and had this in mind.




The price is right and the features sound great, separate switches for all the lights, separate plugs for timers, legs to support it. I was looking at the 24" but could go to 30" if I don't push my tanks a little closer together. Anyone have any opinions about this product, good or bad?


In case anyone reccommends just going with MH, I can't have lights like those in my house since I live in military housing. Not allowed to have lights that get that hot and have a "greater" risk of starting a fire.


Thanks in advance and I would really appreciate any insight or help anyone could offer.

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I've been running PCs on my tank for over 5 yeears with very good results. Mine is a 36" double PC similar to what you are considering on a 30 gal. Not sure what kind of tanks you have as to whether you'll be able to use the legs or not. They clamp to the side of the tank just below the rim and are rather bulky. You might want to check out www.aquatraders.com. They have similar set-ups for considerably cheaper.

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Does anyone have any experience with this product?




I'm specifically looking at the 24" or 30" , depending on whether or not I decide to move my two tanks closer together. The price seems reasonable, the fixture has the same features as the CoraLife one, and the bulbs themselves are longer which I like because I don't want any low-light zones caused by bulbs that are shorter than the tank.

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