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So some 12,700+ of you nanonites watched my 15g progress along. But like my OG 4g I have outgrown it. I took it down and moved everything into a 40 gallon tide-pool tub sporting the ever so sexy 400w 20k Ushio MH. I have been fragging a lot, and am currently growing out a serious amount of frags. I love sharing my coral collection with all my reefing buddies while saving our worlds reef I have come to enjoy so much. I have established quite the collection of rare zoos amongst many other species and it is a shame to play down their beauty in a sea of eggcrate and wires.


Now, I want something to display my best specimines without eggcrate, tuberware, plugs, powerheads, heaters, etc showing. I need something clean looking, something fresh, I am not talking about your played out glass rectangles. I am not talking about the trimless cube, seen that, over it...


While staying true to my think outside of the box style, I have designed a new style of tank unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will allow me to show off my most prized specimens in a revolutionary new way. It is the product of all that I have learned about reefing over the last year, tangled up with my unique style. My primary concern is creating a super clean all in one package that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. People will admire the tank itself as much as the inhabitants it houses. I was planning on making it out of starfire glass (which would be difficult to say the least with all the complex curves I have planned), but when I was showing my roommate the blueprints today, he said if I made it out of acrylic he could probably use the LASER CNC machine at school to cut it out for me!!! I have never had an acrylic tank but how can I pass up a laser cut tank of my own design cut out on the latest technology locked away in some high tech research lab??? I am no fool, plus it would save me a ton of work. I was planning on saving up and slowly building it paying meticulous attention to every detail ensuring a perfect product, but if a robot can do it better, and faster, I say why not. I still need to price out the acrylic and glass and see if I can afford to do it right away. A frag sale may be in order, along with the selling of my 15g, time will tell shortly.



-All in one with minimal/no equip. showing


-Overflowing displays that cascade into the next

-Top Secret extra display area similar to one I saw at the DC zoo combined into the main display

-Larger footprint w/ shallower depth of water

-Perhaps a fluctuating tide

-Tons of flow, I mean tons, the 15g had 960gph and I want more

-Hidden equipment area

-Super clean look

-Starfire glass or laser cut acrylic

-Not sure about lighting, perhaps I will try T5 out, and or 2x 70w/150w/250w MH pendant

-planning around 24"x24" x 8"/14"/20"H, I have no idea how many gallons it will be since it varies in height, has curves, overflowing displays, etc.

-no ghetto rigging, everything will be DIY, but the highest standards will be maintained

-stylish clean stand to match


-perhaps some of the black sand in some of the displays

-blah blah more to come as plans become finalized.


I have a google sketchUP I did for the tank last night, but I am not going to unveil it until I finalize my design. Pay attention boys and girls, I am about to rock your concept of what you think nano-reefs tanks are all about. Kiss your grandfathers rectangle glass box goodbye, Phase 2 of reefing is coming your way... Subscribe today!!! -CHUPA



HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am not talking about the trimless cube, seen that, over it...


:( You cut me real deep just now....







Seriously though, looking forward to seeing the plans B)


- Chad

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:( You cut me real deep just now....

Seriously though, looking forward to seeing the plans B)


- Chad


Don't get me wrong I love the cubes, I think it is one of the best things to happen to nano-reefing. They look so clean, especially when someone takes the time to hide all of the equipment. I am sure you can tell that cleanliness is very important to me. Most Cubes look so much better than the nano-cubes and 10g tanks that people pride themselves on how little they spent. I just did a trimless rectangle so take my original words w/ a grain of salt.


Plus I am EL CHUPACABRA and have a reputation to uphold. I can't do something that has already been done. I have a burning inner desire to push the limits, to raise my middle finger at the people who say something can't be done. I want to create something that is fresh and new, something that hasn't been done already, like the cube when people just started it out, and started cleaning up the look of nanos. I am going to add a combination of new tanks styles mix into one to the repitroire of nanos people have to choose from when starting out.


WHAT!? your doing an all in one?


Yep, not a nano-cube or any other off the shelf system. I am going to be building my custom designed all in one myself so I can meet my needs/wants/desires while avoiding the inadequacies these systems are often know for. By all in one I mean hidden compartments in the back that will house heaters, skimmers, the fuge, pumps etc. My design simply hides these unsightly necessary items and embraces the occupied space by converting its presence as a foundation for a new type of display.



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