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Anyone ever thought of using flourescent dimming ballasts?


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I was originally going to build a pendant that lowered and raised from the ceiling to create a dimming effect. Cost and time turn me away from this product.

Having the lights turn on instantly is stressful to pretty much everything.


Dim able CFL lights at home depot gave me an idea...

They must make dim able ballasts must exist.

What makes it easy is the dimmer is put on the 120v line which makes it so versatile.


These are listed for use with cfl, and t5/ho lights.




Good idea?

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Im just guessing here but i think that halides need a constant amperage/voltage to keep the gasses in the bulb ingnited. Dimming them or decreasing the electricity into the bulb would probably not be good for it or make it unable to sustain the reaction needed to light the bulb up. But this is all just armchair philosophy.

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I don't think you are going to be thrilled with your results of slowly amping up your lights, your money would be better spent else where. But if you want to waste some cash I have just the item for you. A robot for your light!!! Check it out. ROBOT LIGHT THING

If that doesn't get your gears going I don't know what will.

Ask supernip about dimming lights I believe she/he??? knows quite a bit about the topic.

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